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Adult Education billings

07 Feb Music

Have you ever wanted to learn to play an instrument? Did you play an instrument when you were younger, but school or work took over your adult schedule and you quit? Maybe it’s time to pick up an instrument. Playing music is a wonderful hobby that can enrich your...

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12 Nov Create Art for Better Health

Painting is a wonderful pastime, and like hobbies that involve careful practice and study, it can be a wonderful hobby/pastime to bolster your health. Here’s why… Concentration Painting requires careful concentration. There are few other hobbies and pastimes capable to test both the fine mental and physical skills. But painting requires complete...

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14 Aug The Arts:

We often talk about the terrific career advancement and certificate programs offered through the Billings Community Adult Education Program and for good reason. But what you may not yet know is that the catalogue is also chock-full of courses on art and personal enrichment. If...

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13 Jul Classes to Potentially Boost Your Business…

Did you know that Billings Adult Community Education offers many different courses that will help you in the pursuit of your current or future career? The course topics are numerous, and include computer business software—software such as the Microsoft Suite (Word and Office, etc.) and...

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08 Jun Adult Courses

It can be difficult to take up a new hobby. Oftentimes our lives seem too busy and too complicated to add in something new. But it is possible, and in many cases when a person takes up a new hobby they find something that continues...

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08 May Important Business Skills

Important Business Skills  You may notice, while perusing the requirements within the Billings Adult Community Education program, that there are course topics listed that either don’t pertain to the certificate/course offered, or that could be considered too basic for the budding professional. For instance, when you...

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07 Apr Don’t Waste Time: Reasons to Achieve Your HSE Diploma

In America, over thirty-five million adults do not have a high school diploma. That’s an unfortunately staggering number considering the current job market, and the growing premium most modern employers put on education. In the past, there were types of jobs/employers that hired employees without...

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07 Mar Personal Enrichment

It can be hard to dedicate time to something new. Incredibly difficult to be able to dedicate time and energy to something that is outside of our everyday routines. Studies show that people are much happier and healthier, that people live longer lives simply because...

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