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17 Sep Real Estate Classes

Did you know that the Billings Community Adult Education program offers courses in real estate? It’s true. Real estate has become an important and red-hot industry in our community since COVID, and if you are ready for a career change, or are looking to bolster...

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03 Aug Accounting Classes Billings MT

Accounting is a rewarding and important job. It’s a job that most anyone can do, and it’s an in-demand profession through which employees can earn a reliable salary and benefits, working in an office setting. Entry-level positions within accounting include payroll, accounts receivable and payable,...

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05 May Business Skills

When you look through the catalog at the courses offered, you might notice that for a few of the certificate programs, there are requirements listed that don’t, at first, appear to have anything to do with the certification. You might notice that there are skill...

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27 Oct Skills in Business

Every business requires great effort to succeed. Even the smallest businesses, such as an Etsy or EBay-type store require both business strategy and business-related skills. It’s important to for a business professional to continue an education in business-related skills; in most every profession, continued education...

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