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Accounting Classes Billings MT

03 Aug Accounting Classes Billings MT

Accounting is a rewarding and important job. It’s a job that most anyone can do, and it’s an in-demand profession through which employees can earn a reliable salary and benefits, working in an office setting. Entry-level positions within accounting include payroll, accounts receivable and payable, and record-keeping and book-keeping. And in our ever-changing current economy, businesses will still need employees in the office, keeping the day-to-day operations efficient.

The Billings Adult Education program offers a certificate in accounting, which, once an individual has taken the required courses and earned the certificate, will help to prove ability and knowledge to perform basic office-related accounting tasks; skills that employers like to see on a resume.

You will learn basic keyboard skills, which are essential to office-related work. You will learn to type efficiently and to use the functions on the keyboard. And if you are one of the folks who has shied away from office-related work because you don’t understand computers, the course will teach basic computer skills. The Microsoft programs including Word and PowerPoint are taught, as well as QuickBooks, a basic program ubiquitous in office settings across the country.

Other skills such as basic math skills, reading skills, administrative skills, and business communication skills are taught; and, how all these skills cooperate with a career in accounting.

With an accounting certificate, you are ready to apply for jobs within businesses that have a need for entry-level accounting positions. You can work in a corporate setting, small business, or even a non-profit. And it doesn’t have to end at basic accounting jobs. Many of these jobs are entry-level positions at first, but have the opportunity for advancement, especially as employees gain both on the job experience and relevant education.

If you have any questions about the accounting certificate, or any of the certificate courses offered through the Billings Community Education program, then call today.



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