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adult learning billings mt

07 May Adult Learning Billings Montana

As we get older many of us stop trying to challenge our brains, stop actively trying to learn new skills, or participate in any engaging mental activity. Yes, most of us go to work, have hobbies we participate in, but rarely do these activities bring about new challenges that challenge us in a new and different way. But did you know that learning a new skill, especially one that requires abstract cognitive thought, is the best way to keep our mind sharp? It’s true. Oftentimes we hear how listening to classical music or scratching out a word puzzle is a necessary tool to challenge the adult brain. And word puzzles and classical music have their place; they are challenging and engaging and, oftentimes, fun. But it’s also important, if not more important (and the findings of recent studies suggest this to be true) to learn something new, go out of your comfort zone and challenge your brain. Think of this as being a mental version of exercise: you become more fit the more you push yourself. Your brain is another component of your body that needs work, that needs to be challenged.

Luckily Billings Adult Community Education has numerous choices for the adult who wants to learn something new: learn new hobby, participate in an outside-the-usual type activity. Billings Adult Community Education offers classes in Photography, Art, Fly Fishing, Guitar, Golf, etc. And, if you would also like to challenge your body as well as you mind, there are classes on yoga and dance, and other adult oriented classes that are fun and engaging.

You can learn new things, you can enrich your life with new hobbies and activities, and, best of all, it’s easy and fun to get involved thanks to the Personal Enrichment classes offered at Billings Community Adult Education. Class offerings run through three different sessions that follow the seasons, so even if you don’t have the time set aside immediately, there will be another course offering soon. If you have any questions about the Personal Enrichment Programs contact the Billings Community Adult Education office today at 406-281-50

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