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art class billings mt

26 Apr It’s Never Too Late to Learn Something New

It’s absolutely important to keep learning, regardless our age; many different studies have proven that adults who participate in continued learning will receive greater cognitive benefits than those who don’t. It’s especially proven for those adults who learn a new activity. And it doesn’t matter...

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12 Nov Create Art for Better Health

Painting is a wonderful pastime, and like hobbies that involve careful practice and study, it can be a wonderful hobby/pastime to bolster your health. Here’s why… Concentration Painting requires careful concentration. There are few other hobbies and pastimes capable to test both the fine mental and physical skills. But painting requires complete...

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08 Jun Adult Courses

It can be difficult to take up a new hobby. Oftentimes our lives seem too busy and too complicated to add in something new. But it is possible, and in many cases when a person takes up a new hobby they find something that continues...

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06 Nov The Arts: Pottery and Stained Glass

Billings Adult Community Education has several courses focusing on the arts. These are hands-on type courses taught by experienced instructors from our community, and that travel well-beyond the confines of online learning; the tangible aspects of learning hands-on absolutely trump the at-home, and ever-more-popular, online...

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