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Fly fishing


03 Aug Why Should You Take a Hobby Class?

It can be difficult, especially when life is busy, to do something only for the sake of enrichment. It’s easier to stick to the things we know, and the types of things we already do; it’s easier to be in routine. But did you know...

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07 Jun Keep the Mind Young: Take Up a Hobby to Help Prevent Memory Loss

For years, people have long considered brain games as a way to keep the brain sharp. Brain games have become big business, and the popularity of games like Sudoku and Crossword has exploded. Years and years people have touted the notion that these games help...

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adult learning billings mt

07 May Adult Learning Billings Montana

As we get older many of us stop trying to challenge our brains, stop actively trying to learn new skills, or participate in any engaging mental activity. Yes, most of us go to work, have hobbies we participate in, but rarely do these activities bring...

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02 Jan Fly Fishing Classes Billings MT

Did you know that the Billings Adult Education Program also offers hobby classes? And with so many different courses offered you are almost virtually guaranteed to find something of interested to you. One such course we’ll highlight today is fly fishing. Fly fishing is a terrific...

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