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CNA Program Billings MT

09 Oct CNA Program Billings MT

Are you someone who wants to work in a career that gives you that rewarding feeling at the end of each work day? Do you feel like you’ve accomplished something in the workday, something of importance? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work in the medical profession? Maybe you’ve considered the medical profession because of its varied specialties, or maybe you’ve just wanted to work in a career where you can help other people. Well, Billings Community Education can help, offering a course to help you earn a CNA certificate. CNA’s work in all environments of heath care, working alongside Doctors and nurses in hospitals and clinics. CNA’s help to assist patients of all needs with their daily care. Daily a CNA may have the opportunity to help patients with both their physical well-being, as well as mental.


What do we work on in class?

A Certified Nursing Assistant will need to be proficient with different skills, and the courses required to obtain A CNA’s certificate reflect this. Topics include computer fundamentals, medical terminology, vitals, patient care and working in the medical environment. If becoming a CNA is something that you’ve been contemplating or if you want to see if it’s for you, call Billings Community Education today.

Using the CNA course as a stepping stone to RN.

CNA’s work in similar ways to RN’s, making CNA the perfect preparatory job-choice for RN. Consider the experience you will gain as a CNA that you can simply apply to your future career as an RN. CNA works well as a job for future nursing students currently involved in college coursework, or, even, students who have yet to undergo nursing clinical coursework, but who wish to experience working in a healthcare setting.

If you’re interested in obtaining your CNA certificate, contact Billings Community Education at 406-281-5010. Billings Community Education is located at the Lincoln Center at 415 N 30th, room 107.


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