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04 Dec CNA

CNA is short for Certified Nurse’s Assistant. Did you know that a CNA works in a wide variety of diverse settings throughout healthcare? CNAs are active in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, hospice care, adult care centers, and assisted living facilities. CNAs work alongside other medical personnel and are integral in the relay of information between patients and nurses. A CNA will be responsible for assisting patients with their daily care—the duties are numerous—focusing especially on a patients social and emotional support, which is an essential component to providing quality and compassionate healthcare. Because a CNAs is so versatile, they are in high demand. And someone who is certified as a CNA should find that the job opportunities available are numerous.

The job of CNA is both challenging and rewarding. Challenging—both emotionally and physically—and rewarding are often not considered to be synonymous. But the job a CNA performs—consider the emotionally difficult situations that they find themselves in on a daily basis; and then remember that through all the difficulty, all the tribulations of a job in the health care field, a CNA gets to do the work of helping another person—makes a real difference someone’s life.

CNA—To Begin a Career in Healthcare

Most CNAs don’t do the job of CNA for life, although some do make it a career. Many CNAs take the real-life experiences of being a CNA and later become a Registered Nurse. In fact, many nursing students get certified as CNAs so that they get to experience clinical situations before they begin their careers as nurses.

Billings Adult Community Education offers a certificate program for students who want to become a CNA. If you have any questions about the details of the program, or if you would like more information on the course, then call the Billings Community Adult Education Program at 281-5010. You can also visit the Lincoln Center, room 107, for more information on how you can get certified to work in one of the most diverse and necessary jobs in the healthcare industry.

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