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HiSET Exam Preparation


26 Apr HiSET Exam Preparation

Do you plan to take the HiSET test? If so, you might be wondering what to expect on the days leading up to test day, what happens on test day, and what you should do to prepare. Here are a few helpful tips that will hopefully set you on the path to HiSET success.

Although you may already know the material, it’s best to prepare. And the longer you have been out of school, the more preparation you’ll likely need. There are several sections. Several cover language arts, and the reading components within these sections will measure your ability to understand, interpret, and analyze texts that are both literary and informational. These sections are anywhere between 400 and 600 words. The writing sections will measure both your basic understanding of both recognizing and producing American English, as well as a writing section where you will be tasked with completing an essay. The math section covers mathematical knowledge and abstract concepts. You can use a calculator in the math sections. Both the Science and Social Studies sections will evaluate your ability to read and processes information on a broad range of topics within the subjects.

If you’re taking the test for the first time, know that it will challenge your knowledge of scholastic concepts. However, with an appropriate amount of study and preparation time you can pass the test successfully. If you have any other questions, including how to register for the test, call today. There are also study programs available and classes that can help to guide you on how to successfully complete the test. If you are worried about the HiSET test, or if you have been putting off the test due to apprehension or anxiety about test-taking, then know that you can do it. Call the Billings Community Education Program today.


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