Billings Community Education Online Medical Classes | Medical Assistant and Patient Care Technician: Is There a Difference?
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Medical Assistant and Patient Care Technician: Is There a Difference?

27 Oct Medical Assistant and Patient Care Technician: Is There a Difference?

If you’re not familiar with the vastly employable field of health care, it’s easy to assume that’s it’s all doctors and nurses. But there are many jobs within healthcare that do not require the extensive training and experience of the MD or the RN. And these jobs are terrific options for someone who either would like to work in the profession of healthcare without the extensive schooling and training, or someone who would like to get into the world of healthcare before or during their training for more advanced careers.

The profession of Medical Assistant and Patient Care Technician are two different options within the field of healthcare that do not require an intensive college degree. And the two jobs do sound much alike in title, but the jobs are different in scope and duty. Both jobs are about patient care, as most jobs within healthcare are, and because both jobs are patient-care centric many of the responsibilities required do overlap. A medical assistant is trained in both clinical work and administrative-type work, and the MA’s responsibilities may circulate through both the exam rooms and the front office. In the exam room, an MA may be required to record a patient’s vital signs, compile a patient’s medical history, administer medications under the direct supervision of a physician, and coordinate patient care. A patient care technician, however, helps patients by helping them to the bathroom, coordinating meals, and changing bedding; many of the duties performed by a PCT are coordinated by nurses.

Both jobs are a terrific option for someone who wants to get into healthcare. And the Billings Adult Community Education program can help to train and certify you. Over ninety-percent of the MA students that go through the MA program in the Billings Community Adult Education program get hired to do the job in the Billings Community. If you have any questions about the programs offered then call today.

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