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Never Stop Learning: Why Education Matters for All Ages

06 Jan Never Stop Learning: Why Education Matters for All Ages

People are constantly talking about self-improvement. People talk about how to improve themselves physically: to stay fit we know you should eat a quality diet and exercise. But there are other ways to improve ourselves, and one of the most important ways is to learn new things, develop new skills. And it’s important for everyone: to gain an advantage and improve and grow in your present career you need to continue to intentionally learn new things; to improve our mental faculties as we age research has shown that the absolute number one way to ward off mental deterioration is to learn new things. So, while we put so much emphasis on cognitive ability and the advancement of learning in childhood, it’s still very, very important to us as adults. 

Job Advancement 

It’s easy to become complacent in any job. You get to know the duties and everything becomes routine. You might be absolutely fantastic at certain skills, but you’re not advancing. Consider taking a course or studying a topic that can benefit you in your current career or help to find you a new one. 

Improve Cognitive Abilities: 

What Subjects are Valuable? 

The short answer is that almost any subject, from language learning to photography, is invaluable to the advancement of cognitive ability. The important thing is that the subject is new to you. 

And that’s why you should choose something that’s important and that you want to learn. Yes, there’s plenty of research on the benefits of learning a new language, but maybe you want to learn to paint or to take photos. Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn dance or how to cook. Choose something that you will be able to appreciate throughout your life. Personal enrichment is so very important. 

Remember that the Billings Adult Community Education program offers so many different class options for both personal enrichment and career advancement. Check the current catalog for a list of course offerings, and if you have any questions about dates and deadlines, or would like to sign up for a course, then call or stop in.

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