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02 Jul Small Business Support

When things return to normal for the Billings Community Adult education program, you’ll likely find classes offered in the catalog that bolster professional and technical skills related to business. Today’s economic climate is unstable, but there is one thing every business needs to succeed in...

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11 Apr HiSet

You’ve probably heard of the GED. But have you ever heard of the HiSet exam? It’s essentially the program that allows non-traditional adults, those who left high school early or who were unable to graduate traditionally, to achieve a high school equivalency diploma. The HiSet test shows potential employers and certain...

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07 Feb Music

Have you ever wanted to learn to play an instrument? Did you play an instrument when you were younger, but school or work took over your adult schedule and you quit? Maybe it’s time to pick up an instrument. Playing music is a wonderful hobby that can enrich your...

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16 Jan Yoga

Throughout the winter and spring, you’ll find yoga classes offered in the Billings Community Education program. The focus of each course is different, and if you have no experience in yoga, or if you want to bolster an already active yoga practice, then you can choose the course suited...

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12 Nov Create Art for Better Health

Painting is a wonderful pastime, and like hobbies that involve careful practice and study, it can be a wonderful hobby/pastime to bolster your health. Here’s why… Concentration Painting requires careful concentration. There are few other hobbies and pastimes capable to test both the fine mental and physical skills. But painting requires complete...

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17 Sep Start a Small Business…

Amazingly, there are over 28 million small businesses operating within the United States; even more amazing, small businesses make up over ninety-nine percent of all U.S. businesses. And there are plenty of reasons why the small business model is a terrific option for so many people: creation of...

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