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04 Dec CNA

CNA is short for Certified Nurse’s Assistant. Did you know that a CNA works in a wide variety of diverse settings throughout healthcare? CNAs are active in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, hospice care, adult care centers, and assisted living facilities. CNAs work alongside other medical...

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05 Oct Adult Education

In the Billings Adult Community Education programs, there are course topics listed that may seem unsuited to the intended certificate. For instance, Dental Assistant requires typing skills, mathematic skills, english skills, and computer skills. And you may be thinking that you know how to operate...

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09 Sep Art For Your Health!

Did you know that having a pastime, a hobby, can be beneficial to your health? It’s true. The reasons vary, and we’ll get to them soon. It may be the reason why something like painting has endured for eons beyond the barriers of the very...

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09 Aug Pottery Classes

Why Pottery? Sometimes it’s hard to see our way toward doing something positive simply for the enrichment of it. The world is fast-paced, seemingly progressing faster and faster, and it’s not always practical to do something just for the sake of doing it; put another...

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09 Jul Career Advancement

Billings Adult and Community Education understands how difficult it can be to take classes while you are employed full-time. Of course, it’s difficult to make the time to go to class, study, participate in labs, etc., all so that you can achieve something more in...

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adult learning billings mt

07 May Adult Learning Billings Montana

As we get older many of us stop trying to challenge our brains, stop actively trying to learn new skills, or participate in any engaging mental activity. Yes, most of us go to work, have hobbies we participate in, but rarely do these activities bring...

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