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Phlebotomy Technician

05 May Phlebotomy Technician

When you scanned the course and certification offerings in the Billings Adult Community Education catalog did you notice that there is a certification course to become a phlebotomy technician? If you don’t know what a phlebotomy technician does, or are wondering how the certification program can help you succeed and help you attain your professional goals, then know that it’s a rewarding and challenging career, and as most jobs in the medical professions are, continue to be in high demand.

Phlebotomy techs work everywhere in the medical field including within clinics and hospitals, doctor’s offices, private in-home care settings, nursing homes, research centers and institutes, and blood donation centers. And the majority of the work these techs do is patient-centered, meaning that while they perform the bulk of their duties and responsibilities on the job, they are working and interacting with patients. The work a phlebotomy tech is responsible for on a daily basis may include taking a patient’s blood pressure, comforting patients about needles, explaining care to patients and possibly to their families or caregivers, updating a patient’s medical records, coordinating the transfer of blood or urine or fecal samples to a lab, drawing blood, and sterilizing the blood-draw equipment.

It’s a terrific and challenging career with a reasonable salary and the possibility of quality benefits; and, the future prospects of employment are terrific: it’s an ever-expanding field and absolutely necessary within the medical professions.

If you have any questions about the Phlebotomy Certification or any of the certification offerings through the Billings Adult Community Education program, then call today.

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