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Photography Classes Billings MT

02 Jan Photography Classes Billings MT

Did you know that Billings Adult Education program offers hobby classes? It’s true! There is a whole lineup of classes here that might interest you. For instance, there are photography classes, focusing primarily on the use of the digital SLR camera, and the camera’s accessories, to achieve professional-level photos.

The Digital SLR class focuses on the operations of the digital camera. There is so much more to digital photography than just pointing a camera and shooting a photo. Also, there are so many things to consider when you are working toward a perfect exposure. Did you know that digital cameras, both mirrorless and SLR cameras, have the capability to change depth-of-field? Many point-and-shoot camera enthusiasts use the camera on the auto setting, where the camera will make all the choices as to which settings are required for the optimal exposure. These classes get students beyond this auto setting, teaching them how to determine shutter speed and F-Stop, dialing in exposure compensation when needed, etc. Armed with the knowledge of how a camera works, students will be more developed, better, more experienced photographers.

There are also courses in flash photography. Flash photography is important in portrait work. Professional portrait and product photographers use flash to achieve optimal light results in their work. But using a flash is tricky, because the flash is bringing an artificial light into the exposure, and adding light can confuse the camera’s sensor. This class will teach you not only how to use a flash, but also how to use the flash in tandem with your camera.

There is a photography class offered to students who are interested in using macro photography. Macro photography is a way of capturing up-close photos. Consider photos of flowers, shots of bees in flight, etc. a camera and lens capable can capture the finest details of a subject too small for the human eye to see.

These classes are well-suited to both the hobbyist and the budding professional. These classes are an incredible value. You must begin with the entry-level courses, then continue through the program. Signup for classes today!

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