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Start a Small Business…

17 Sep Start a Small Business…

Amazingly, there are over 28 million small businesses operating within the United States; even more amazing, small businesses make up over ninety-nine percent of all U.S. businesses. And there are plenty of reasons why the small business model is a terrific option for so many people: creation of daily schedule, work as one’s own boss, flexibility, pride in ownership, etc. But there are also numerous reasons why these businesses fail. And the likelihood that a business fails will increase when the business is built without a firm foundation and knowledge/experience base to success. If you are considering a small business, and are curious as to strategies for success, then here are a few of the most common practices. 

Possibly the most important component to success in business is research. A business that’s improperly considered, built more from dream than reality, will not succeed. One question: is there a need for the services/products you intend to use/sell? And is the location where you are choosing to run your small business (Anywhere from your home office/garage or retail/office space) going to accommodate your products/services?

The second component to a small business is to make a plan. And those plans should lay out the blueprint of your business. You should write a traditional business plan, especially if you intend to seek financial support. A traditional business plan may sound boring, or possibly even outmoded if you intend to operate your business from your home, but it can also be a reference for you and others.

Billings Community Adult Education has numerous course offerings that can benefit the novice as well as the already seasoned professional. There are courses on business skills, including computer skills and management skills. There are even courses that can help bolster financial skills.

Check the course brochure for current fall course offerings, and if you have any questions about the courses listed there, or if you have any other questions regarding the schedule, then call or visit the Billings Community Education office today.

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