Billings Community Education Online Medical Classes | Take an Online Enrichment Course: Typing Skills
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Take an Online Enrichment Course: Typing Skills

17 Sep Take an Online Enrichment Course: Typing Skills

It can be difficult to decide to take a course online. But online learning can be just as engaging as in person. Yes, the classroom environment and the face-to-face camaraderie with the other students is missing. But that doesn’t make the experience of learning something new, or improving a skill any less important and enjoyable. So, during this challenging season, if you do wish to take a course, but don’t want to come to the classroom every week, the Billings Community Adult Education Program has you covered.

Typing is one of the courses offered through online learning in the Billings Community Adult Education catalog. It’s an entirely self-paced course, which makes it convenient to get to class on your schedule. And it’s an important course. If you have never before considered typing to be a course topic of interest to you, then here are a few reasons why it should…

Typing is an indispensable skill. And, amazingly, like walking and other skills we do on a daily basis, it’s a skill that, once we gain proficiency, we can perform it with little thought or regard for the action itself. When we type, unless we are finger punching the keys with our pointer fingers (If you type with two fingers, punching down each letter, then perhaps you already have a reason to take the course) our fingers move over the keyboard and the letters, words, and sentences build without much conscious thought to the placement of our fingers. The skill has obvious benefits to our work lives, but it’s also a skill that increases production anytime we set in front of the keyboard.

If you have any questions about how to take an online self-paced course through the Billings Community Education catalog, or if you are ready to enroll in a typing course or any of the other courses offered, then call today.

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