Billings Community Education Online Medical Classes | Why Should You Take a Hobby Class?
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Why Should You Take a Hobby Class?


03 Aug Why Should You Take a Hobby Class?

It can be difficult, especially when life is busy, to do something only for the sake of enrichment. It’s easier to stick to the things we know, and the types of things we already do; it’s easier to be in routine. But did you know that studies have shown that people are happier, that they live longer and healthier lives when they learn something new. It’s true, and Billings Community Adult Education offers numerous classes on subjects as intriguing as pottery, art, photography, and dance—to name only a few. And while there is no one best time in our lives at which we should take on a new task, it is a proven fact that something done for the sake of enrichment or for the sake of fun, and fun alone, can help to alleviate the daily symptoms of stress and anxiety. Daily stress, even in small doses, can take an effect on our mind and body. And research has proved that there are many health benefits to having a creative outlet; if you have a way to remove yourself, even for just an hour or two a week, from the daily grind, it will benefit your health.

But What if I’m Not a Creative Person?

You don’t have to be a creative person to appreciate the benefits of a course at Billings Adult Community Education; in fact, if you are considering a course in art, photography, dance, yoga, etc., you have already shown yourself to be a creative-minded person. And, unfortunately, people often get called creative, or begin to believe themselves creative ,when they have success, especially professionally, at their art. But that doesn’t account for everyone else, those people who just want to participate on their own terms.

If you check the Billings Community Education course catalog, you will find a bunch of different courses that fall under the category of personal enrichment. And if you have any questions about the course offerings for the upcoming fall semester, then be sure to call or visit the Billings Community Education Office inside the Lincoln center

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