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Adult Education

05 Oct Adult Education

In the Billings Adult Community Education programs, there are course topics listed that may seem unsuited to the intended certificate. For instance, Dental Assistant requires typing skills, mathematic skills, english skills, and computer skills. And you may be thinking that you know how to operate a computer, and you can type, and you know how to read and how to write; so why, then, would you need a brush up in these seemingly everyday topics? Here is a basic overview as to why these skills are very important to a business-minded person.

Computer Skills

In business, computer skills go beyond everyday use. Yes, you might be proficient at using a computer, but are you proficient navigating, efficiently, a computer’s operating system? Can you not only manage the fundamental programs that run on that operating system, but also can you do so adeptly? Can you perform computer tasks like a professional? Also, you may be able to type, but can you type at a speed considered proficient enough for business? Word counts per minute will vary, but Billings Adult Community Education will give you the training you need to type, efficiently, at 30 words per minute.

Math and English Skills

It takes practice to write a good sentence. In business, a good sentence should be written clear and concise, without the shortcuts that have become socially acceptable to text or email. A good sentence, in business, is accurate and to the point. Can you write a sentence? Accurately? Do you have a fundamental grasp on punctuation? In regard to math skills, do you have a ready ability to add and subtract, to accurately use a calculator? A lot of these skills go by the ways side when a person leaves school. But these skills are still vitally important to the working person.

If you have any questions as to which course offerings, or certificate programs, are best suited for your career-minded goals, then call Billings Adult Community Education today. Remember, these courses will develop and enhance the skills that you need to thrive in most business environments.

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