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Business Online for Beginners

Business Online for Beginners Billings MT

05 Mar Business Online for Beginners

Are you a small business owner who could use some training in social media marketing as well as web design? Do you know someone who could? Today’s economic environment requires web presence, even companies that have strong word of mouth, companies who for years have had loyal clientele, should look to becoming more adept in the digital world. This doesn’t mean that you are doing things incorrectly, if you don’t have web prescience, and there are companies out there still succeeding without one, but most people, most of the potential new customers to your business, use the web to find businesses and services, even use the web to read ratings and reviews written about these businesses. So, if you are someone, who could benefit from a training course in this area, Billings Adult Community Education has the right course for you.

Now, this class isn’t just a “how-to” for using the internet, and it’s designed instead to teach you to use the internet as a tool, by getting to understand how website domains are bought and used; how to use WordPress Software to build your own website, and build something that represents you and your business, entirely custom. Websites are not as difficult as you might think to build, but there are several nuances, several tips and tricks to becoming efficient and proficient with the software, so that your business is always ready for the ever-changing conditions online. The internet is becoming a place of trends, and the way people want to view their content there, differs subtly year-to-year, and knowing how to make your business meet those trends, is of the utmost importance to your online success.

The course will also include skill tune-ups, such as typing and computer fundamentals. You will learn the Microsoft Office Suite, including Word, Windows, even Adobe’s Photoshop. For those of you who are not efficient, or who don’t understand social media, there will be course time devoted to using it, and how to use this type of media to your advantage.

If you have any questions as to this course, or others, contact the Billings Adult Community Education Office.    

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