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CNA Certification

22 Dec CNA Certification

Have you ever wanted to work in healthcare, but, without an academic degree in the field, didn’t know where to start? Billings Adult Community Education can help. Through a program you can earn your CNA certification (Certified Nurse Assistant) and begin a new career in healthcare. Whether your goals are to remain a CNA, or if you plan to one day attend RN school (Many use the CNA certification as hands-on experience in the career field of healthcare), a career in healthcare is rewarding, and the potential for future job security and advancement is high.

A CNA’s Responsibilities

CNA’s assist patients with social and emotional support while also coordinating a patient’s care with a licensed RN. It’s an exciting job, and the workdays should prove to be dynamic. The dynamic workday is one of the major reasons to work in healthcare; there are no two days that will evolve in exactly the same way. The job does require a person to be on their feet, and the workplace is typically fairly active.

The CNA job is in high demand; the long-term outlook for healthcare as an employer is estimated to be one of the most in-demand jobs here in the US in the future. New graduates should have little difficulty in finding potential opportunities for employment. In Billings and the surrounding area, including both large hospitals, there are lots of businesses that hire CNA’s.

If you think a career in healthcare is for you, and you are interested in working in a dynamic and rewarding career, then maybe the CNA certification from Billings Community Education is for you. You can begin working as a CNA as soon as your coursework is complete. If you have any questions about how to pursue the CNA certification from Billings Community Education, then check the catalog, or come to the office within the Lincoln Center.

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