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Dental Assistant

06 May Dental Assistant

Have you considered a job in the medical professions? Billings Community Adult Education offers numerous certification programs that prepare you for a career in both the medical and professional fields; some involve a touch of both. Dental assistant is one of the certifications offered through the program.

A dental assistant works at a dentist’s office. Although the duties will vary depending on the office, the dental assistant is usually responsible for administrative and clerical duties, scheduling appointments, maintaining dental records, patient care, and tool care and cleaning. In a dentist’s office, there are usually dental hygienists, and the dental assistant will assist and work for both.

The administrative duties required of the dental assistant are varied. It’s likely that computer skills and clerical skills are important to succeed. And strong social skills will also benefit the dental assistant, because they will likely have to discuss appointments and ask about the patient’s medical history. Another likely daily duty is to answer patient’s questions about care, and relay messages about care and scheduling from the dentist to their patients.

It’s also likely that a dental assistant will have to sterilize the tools and appliances. They may also have to set up trays and arrange the office and the materials within the exam area before patients arrive. A dental assistant may take a patient’s vitals, and they may assist the dentist in their work.

Like many certification programs offered through the Billings Community Education Program, the dental assistant will have many duties and work in a environment that is both unique and challenging. If you have any questions about the dental assistant program or any of the certification programs offered through the Billings Community Education Program then call today.

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