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EKG Technician

03 Aug EKG Technician

Have you ever considered a professional career in the medical field but didn’t know where to start? There are many jobs within the medical profession that don’t require a college degree. EKG Technician, and others, rely on both a high school diploma and the achievement of a job-specific certificate.

If you want a quality job within a hospital or clinic, a job that requires mental focus and professional challenge, then EKG Tech might be the job for you. An EKG Tech is responsible for taking EKG tests for the hospital or clinic. The tech should be detail oriented and be able to contact appropriate personnel to report the results from the test (Some EKG Techs may be required to notify appropriate medical personnel in the event of emergency). An EKG Tech will likely also be responsible for keeping inventory and other administrative-type tasks.

It’s also a job that requires continuous activity, and many EKG Techs find themselves on their feet throughout much of their shift. An EKG Tech should have knowledge and experience with administrative-type skills; they must have the ability to communicate results with physicians and other medical personnel; it’s possible an EKG Tech may even have to explain test results to the patients. Like most jobs within the medical professions, an EKG Tech should have stamina, and be able to work on a continuous flow, seeing patients regularly, while also working on their feet. And the EKG Tech should have knowledge and experience with the type of tech used, including computers (Both technical and administrative-type computer software and programs) and with their electrocardiograph equipment.

If you think that you’d like to explore the possibility of working toward an EKG certification, or any of the other certification programs offered, then call Billings Community Education today.


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