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Fitness And Health

04 Mar Fitness And Health

Did you know that Billings Adult Community Education not only offers courses that help advance a person’s career but also courses that enrich a person’s life? For instance, this spring Billings Adult and Community Education is offering courses in Golf, Dance, and OULA (OULA is a one hour dance/exercise class).


Golf can be rather intimidating for the newbie. And, in many cases, when you factor in the cost of equipment and lessons, golf can be a very expensive. Thankfully Billings Adult Community Education offers a golf program, a series of five one-hour-long lessons at the Peter Yegen Golf Course, that cover all aspects of the game. And best of all, you don’t need your own equipment to take the course! Lessons will focus on the golf grip; how a person sets up over the golf ball; the golf swing from start to finish; short game skills such as chipping and putting; and general course etiquette. The fee for this course is 68$ for the Beginning level and 78$ for the Intermediate level.

Boot Kickin’ Dancin’

How about one hour every week where you get the chance to learn different styles of dance and have fun in the process! Starting March 13th, you can do exactly that. Dances taught will include

Country Line, Rock and Roll, and types of partner-style dancing such as the two-step. And it’s easy to get started, you will only need a comfortable pair of shoes. The fee for this course is 120$.


How about a high-energy fun-to-do dance workout, a workout where you get to burn some pesky calorie and get in terrific shape while having a blast? OULA is exactly that. For one hour in the Lincoln Center Gymnasium every Thursday OULA happens. Called Dance mania for the soul, OULA is just as much about fun as it is exercise. To take the one-hour course, you will want to wear comfortable clothing—clothing that you don’t mind sweating in! You will also want to bring along a bottle of water. The fee for this course is 60$.

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