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11 Apr HiSet

You’ve probably heard of the GED. But have you ever heard of the HiSet exam? It’s essentially the program that allows non-traditional adults, those who left high school early or who were unable to graduate traditionally, to achieve a high school equivalency diploma.

The HiSet test shows potential employers and certain types of collegiate institutions that a person has achieved similar academic goals as a high school graduate would have achieved upon graduation. If you are someone without a high school equivalency diploma then know that a high school equivalency diploma will offer many more professional opportunities.

In the traditional professional workplace setting, a high school equivalency will demonstrate to a current or potentially future employer that a person has achieved the equivalency of a high school diploma. Many employers in traditional workplaces likely won’t even consider an applicant without a high school diploma, drastically lowering the potential work/career options for someone without.

There are other organizations, such as the Military, which will consider the diploma received from the HiSet exam as equivalent to a high school diploma. And that doesn’t mean that you have to stop learning even after you have achieved the high school equivalency diploma. There are endless options for future training available once you pass the test. That means that a broad range of careers, once unavailable, would become possibilities for future employment.

A potential employer, someone who doesn’t know you personally, but who needs to fill a position with a qualified candidate, a candidate who is prepared to perform the work competently and efficiently, is only able to make an assessment on a potential candidate by their past achievements. If you have achieved a diploma, and have shown that you can do the work, the options for potential employment increase exponentially.

If you have any questions about the HiSet exam, or if you have a question about any of the programs offered through Billings Adult and Community Education, then call or visit the office today.

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