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Pharmacy Technician: Get Certified at B.A.C.

07 Sep Pharmacy Technician: Get Certified at B.A.C.

Billings Adult Community Education offers a complete certification course for the career of Pharmacy Technician. But what is a Pharmacy Technician? What are the responsibilities, the hours, the long-term career outlook?

A pharmacy technician works directly under a licensed pharmacist. They work in a variety of different environments—hospitals, community pharmacies, educational programs, long-term health care facilities, etc.—and the duties of the job are all pharmacy related. And the pharmacy technician will have the responsibility of relaying any questions about prescriptions and drug information directly to the licensed pharmacist.

The cleanliness of the pharmacy is one great reason to choose a career as a technician. Pharmacies are comfortable places to work because they are usually well-lit and well-ventilated. And if you are someone who likes to be on your feet while you work, know that most of the duties of a pharmacy technician are performed in a semi-active environment. You may also be required to move boxes and to climb stepladders. Also, a pharmacy is open year-round and can be open weekends and all hours—some pharmacies are open twenty-four hours. The diversity of the hours and the potential to customize your work schedule may be either a detriment or a benefit, depending.

Both the immediate job outlook and the long-term outlook for a pharmacy technician is very, very good. There are so many options for a workplace setting that a licensed pharmacy technician should have a number of choices to potentially apply for work. It’s not a guarantee that you’ll land a job. But health care in general is a fast-growing business, and the outlook is great.

If you have any questions about the pharmacy technician certification program at Billings Adult Community Education, then check out the course catalog. Or if you would like to pursue another professional certification program—B.A.C offers certifications in several career programs that include a certification for medical assistant and accounting to name a few—then contact B.A.C today; or check out the course catalog for the lineup of certification programs and enrichment-type courses.

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