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27 Jan Photography

There are lots of reasons to take a photography course, and the reasons apply to both the proficient and the novice. Any time you work with an expert on a skill the experience and the knowledge gained can only advance your own level of proficiency.

When you participate in a course designed for enrichment, hopefully you will take away knowledge and motivation that helps you grow as a photographer. You will learn tips and techniques that can only help to inspire your own work.

Inspiration is a funny thing. For instance, learning someone else’s techniques and studying someone else’s vision can only bolster your own unique vision. Photography is all about seeing. It’s seeing with the eye and the camera and merging the vision you have with the limitations of the camera. Courses and workshops in photography can only bolster a photographer’s technical skills. It is time spent with the camera under the guidance of an instructor.

A photography course can also offer necessary and important criticism. To have someone with an experienced eye look at your work and offer their critique is invaluable to growth. Feedback from instructors and peers offers insights into how your peers see your work, and their critique can only help to further develop your skills and hone your vision.

If you have any questions about any of the courses offered in the Billings Community Adult Education catalog, courses that are geared toward enrichment and others to professional advancement and certification, then call the office today.

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