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Pottery and Stained Glass

02 Jul Pottery and Stained Glass

Online courses are becoming prevalent, and while online learning does make it simple, the end result of watching a person teach a skill on a screen doesn’t have many advantages in access to information above and beyond what is available with a library card. That’s what separates the online programs from those offered through the Billings Adult Community Education program. Billings Adult Community Education brings in instructors who are knowledgeable and eager to teach; instructors who are members of this community. And hands-on learning absolutely trumps the thirteen-inch computer screen.

One such course that’s often offered in the catalog is pottery. The description of the course could possibly lead the uninitiated astray. When we talk about pottery, especially pottery created on a wheel, the term “thrown clay” is used.

That may sound a bit too involved or intense, but when it is said in reference to pottery it means to turn clay on a wheel. In origin, the word, which is duplicitous, means both to propel and to twist or to turn. The wheel the potter uses spins and is used to shape the clay. When students take a pottery course in the physical classroom, the gap between student and instructor is bridged, unlike the insurmountable distance online.

When classes are in session, Billings Adult Community Education offers a number of adult-related art classes in its catalog. There are also a number of other types of personal enrichment courses and courses for those who seek professional advancement or change. If you have any questions about the program then call the office today.

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