Billings Community Education Online Medical Classes | The Importance of Adult Education
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The Importance of Adult Education

The Importance of Adult Education

11 Apr The Importance of Adult Education

It’s an adage because it’s true: Learning is a Lifelong Journey. We tend to think of learning as something we did when we were young. But the truth is that it’s absolutely vital to our professional life and to our health and well-being to continue to learn throughout life. Here’s a few of the reasons to consider a course—when courses are again available—through the Billings Adult Community Education program.

Adult education is essential to retraining and to the advancement of professional skills and knowledge. That means that even if you are self-employed, it’s important to keep up to date with technology and to bolster practical business skills such as accounting and marketing.

Learning helps keep you busy socially. This is especially true when the course is offered in a classroom-type setting, where you interact with peers. People with strong interests in topics tend to gravitate towards others with like-minded interests.

It’s also important to our creativity. No, you might not consider a course on business accounting or basic online skills to have anything to do with creativity, but the more a person knows and the more they use their brain in new ways the more able they are to participate in creative tasks. And it’s beneficial to your health to have an active mind. Studies have shown that people live longer and delay the onset of cognitive disease when they are learning and participating in an activity. It’s as important to exercise the mind as it is to exercise the body.

When the course catalog is reopened (Right now everything is on hold while our nation works through the pandemic) hopefully you find a course either of interest or of necessity to improve your social or professional life.

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