Billings Community Education Online Medical Classes | Winter Season Class Sessions are Almost Here!
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Winter Season Class Sessions are Almost Here!

09 Dec Winter Season Class Sessions are Almost Here!

January 8th is the start of the winter class session at Billings Adult Community Education. The course catalog has numerous offerings for career advancement—courses that focus on writing, reading, and computer skills (to name a few)—and even personal enrichment—courses in art, language, dance, and fitness. If you scan the catalog you are sure to find something of interest; you may even find a specialized skill or hobby that will enrich your life.

Certification Programs and Adult Education

Billings Adult Community Education offers a variety of certification courses, and many of the courses fulfill national certification requirements in each respective field of study. The certification courses are varied in topic, but, to name a few, include accounting certification, business management, dental assistant, paralegal, pharmacy technician, and web design. In many cases these certifications are needed to pursue a career in each respective field, but even if not required, a certification does show a potential employer a candidate’s willingness and dedication.

Personal Enrichment

the course catalog is full of personal enrichment-type courses that are both enjoyable and educational. The courses do vary seasonally (Please see the Billings Adult Community online brochure for a comprehensive list of the winter-session offerings). And the topics are wide-ranging, including photography, and art courses. Make it your New Year’s resolution to learn something new. It’s important to always learn something new. And, in studies, it’s been proven that when a person learns a new skill they improve their cognitive abilities; in some cases, studies have shown that a new skill can delay the onset of a degenerative brain condition.

Register Soon!

The winter session is quickly approaching, and with the Holiday season upon us it can be easy to forget about a course that begins in January. If you have any questions about the course offerings, or would like to register for a course to be offered this winter session, then call Billings Adult Community Education at 281-5005. Or come to the Lincoln Center at 415 N 30th.

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