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Working and Taking Classes

19 Aug Working and Taking Classes

It can be difficult to take classes while you are employed full time. It’s difficult to make time to get to class, study, and participate in labs and other course-related events. But that time spent in the classroom can only benefit your professional life. That’s why Billings Community Adult Education makes things easier, helping to streamline the learning process for you. It’s going to be hard work, but it will be worth it for the future.

Career advancement is important; in almost every job there is upward advancement, usually tiered and structured, and advancement is usually based on experience and qualification. But oftentimes on-the-job type training will not qualify you for advancement. Qualifications tend to bolster business policy and become the benchmarks for advancement. So, based on your business experience and skills, Billings Community Adult Education has courses to bolster current skills and advance those skills. There are courses in computer literacy, media and marketing skills (Which can be terrific courses for the self-employed small business owner), management skills courses, etc. The coursework will help teach new skills, but it will also help to bolster confidence.

It is important to remember that learning follows a tiered structure of study and experience. It’s a structure similar to the modern workplace. And in many of the courses, if you finish the coursework early, you can progress through more advanced courses and coursework, working though the material with the flexibility offered by your own schedule. If you have any questions about how past courses and the potential upcoming courses offered in the course catalog, then contact the office of the Billings Community Education program today.

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