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Art For Your Health!


09 Sep Art For Your Health!

Did you know that having a pastime, a hobby, can be beneficial to your health? It’s true. The reasons vary, and we’ll get to them soon. It may be the reason why something like painting has endured for eons beyond the barriers of the very expert professional, why every year people, of every age decide to pick up a brush, dip the brush in paint, and apply the paint to paper or canvas.

Painting improves your Concentration

There are few hobbies that test the skill of focus in the way painting can. Especially when there are so many gadgets around, dinging for constant attention. When you paint you focus on the subject you’re painting, you concentrate and try to improve the painting gradually. You let it all come together in stages. Focus skills could help you in all areas of your life. Imagine, being able to better focus on work or in other areas of education. And the painter uses critical decision-making skills when they paint, they are in charge of the entire painting process. Now, that isn’t to say there can’t be a teacher in the room, but it is to say that the painter and not the teacher is the one who makes the brush strokes, who chooses the mix of paint.


Creativity may seem like an obvious benefit, as if the word itself simply answers the question. But, consider this: artists have the chance to constantly innovate; they can push themselves to do

something away-from-the-normal, to bring abstract concepts to life. There are very few other skills in life that allow us that much depth.

Painting is Relaxing

For many of us, this is the biggest reason to paint. When we get to paint, we are doing something that’s different from our everyday busy lives. We’re stepping away and doing something that’s just for us. We need things in our lives that allow our bodies and our minds to relax. Imagine the benefits relaxation can bring to a busy life. Imagine if you could do an activity that fought away the day’s anxieties.

If you would like to learn more about art classes available contact Billings Community Education today.

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