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Business Skills

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17 May Business Skills

It’s becoming more and more popular for people to start up a small business. Even a “micro” small business such as a store on the Etsy or Ebay websites requires a fair amount of business skill and strategy to succeed. And there are a number of skills that aren’t specifically taught in school that a person will need to succeed in business. Luckily, Billings Adult Community Education offers a full catalog of business skills including Accounting and Web Skills—just to name a few—that will provide you with a solid foundation to succeed.

Financial Management

Poor financial management is the number one reason why a business fails. Business finances involve more than the day-to-day. For instance, the ability to predict and forecast expenses and simultaneously manage cash flow; the ability to monitor profit as well as loss and also determine the potential tax payment. Financial management is vital to a business succeeding, and Billings Adult Community Education offers several courses to help.


Successful marketing is an important component to a business succeeding—especially now that “big” business advertisement has infiltrated even the smallest spaces. Today’s small businesspersons need to know how to navigate online advertising space, and also have a presence on social media. Online marketing skills go above and beyond the basic knowledge of daily web browsing. Also networking both online and off, with other businesses and people within the community, helps you to grow your business with support.

Time Management

Time management is important to efficiency. Knowing how to navigate all the aspects of a business while at the same time dealing with customers and, possibly, even employees. Having a solid foundation in business skills will only make you a more efficient business person. Because no matter how much you plan, things are going to, occasionally, go astray, and the better you are at managing the everyday-type stuff, the better you will handle the occasional problem.

If you are interested in enhancing your own business skills, then check the brochure for the courses being offered. If you have any questions as to how to sign up for any course in the Billings Adult Community Education catalog, call the office today.

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