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Create Art for Better Health

12 Nov Create Art for Better Health

Painting is a wonderful pastime, and like hobbies that involve careful practice and study, it can be a wonderful hobby/pastime to bolster your health. Here’s why…


Painting requires careful concentration. There are few other hobbies and pastimes capable to test both the fine mental and physical skills. But painting requires complete absorption in both the physical and mental. When a person picks up a brush and paints a canvas there are no modern devices around, ringing or dinging for attention. It’s just the painting. And when a painter paints a canvas, they work at the painting in stages—a painting does not at once come together (Unless of course the artwork is intentionally immediate). In fact, there are numerous layers to most paintings; a painter can progress his or her work through many stages before it is completed. And while a painter works they use critical decision-making skills—the painter is in charge of every detail. Even when a teacher is in the room, teaching and assisting, the student painter moves the brush, and mixes the paint.

The Creative Process

Innovation and abstract thought are positive processes for the brain. To bring abstract concepts to life is a tangible benefit to painting. There are few activities in life that provide these same freedoms. And the creative process provides an alternate activity set far apart from our daily routine.

If you would like to participate in an art course, or if anything within the Billings Community Adult Education catalog seems interesting, then contact the office today.

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