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Don’t Waste Time: Reasons to Achieve Your HSE Diploma

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07 Apr Don’t Waste Time: Reasons to Achieve Your HSE Diploma

In America, over thirty-five million adults do not have a high school diploma. That’s an unfortunately staggering number considering the current job market, and the growing premium most modern employers put on education. In the past, there were types of jobs/employers that hired employees without a diploma. Oftentimes these jobs were in factories, offices, and other places that didn’t require a certain proven-level of efficiency for which a person needed to be employed. And these types of positions are dwindling, as economies shift, leaving adults who are unable to provide potential employers with evidence of a diploma with few potential options for work. A diploma is a good backup even for adults who feel secure in their current jobs. 


Statistically a person who holds a high school diploma will be paid more than a person without. In fact, it’s estimated that a person who holds a diploma will earn, on average, twenty thousand a year more than his or her non-diploma counterpart. That’s a considerable sum in the course of a career. And a HSE diploma can also open other doors besides jobs; it can provide you with the necessary requirements to receive other specialty training that can lead to better jobs. 


No, it doesn’t mean that a person without a diploma will have a lower self-esteem than one with; it does mean, however, that achieving a diploma could/should boost a person’s self-esteem. It’s a major accomplishment at any point in life to achieve a goal. 

You have the experience in both work and life to be successful in most any job, but unfortunately a potential employer can only see you as a resume/application until you are able to meet face-to-face. A HSE diploma will only increase the chance that a potential employer will call and meet with you; evidence of your diploma could get you face-to-face. If you have any questions about how the classes at the Billings Adult Community Education Center can help you achieve your goal to earn a diploma, then call today.

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