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Important Business Skills

08 May Important Business Skills

Important Business Skills 

You may notice, while perusing the requirements within the Billings Adult Community Education program, that there are course topics listed that either don’t pertain to the certificate/course offered, or that could be considered too basic for the budding professional. For instance, when you look up the Dental Assistant Certificate you will see that there are requirements that include typing skills, mathematical skills, English skills, and computer skills. You may wonder why those are important topics for a Dental Assistant to learn. But there are many reasons why these skills would be important to any professional, including the Dental Assistant. And here’s a few of the reasons why… 

Computer Skills 

Every office runs from a computer. These computers have programs that you may or may not be familiar using, and these programs, even for someone in the know, require a certain amount of usage before the user can become proficient. There is a huge knowledge gap between knowing how a computer program, or a particular computer operating system, works, and being competent enough to be considered a professional. 

English and Mathematics 

Both of these topics could be considered basic. Yes, everyone took English and Math in school at some point, but there is a huge competency gap between knowing how to write a sentence and knowing how to write a sentence in a professional environment. Text speak is not the norm in the professional world, and a little brush-up work on the basics of writing could benefit many. You may also need to use a calculator correctly, and oftentimes a person’s ability to use a calculator can wane after they leave school. 

The course offerings within the Billings Community Education catalog are numerous, and the skills required to obtain a certificate are important. If you have any questions about the catalog, then call the Billings Community Adult Education program today.

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