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Small Business Support

02 Jul Small Business Support

When things return to normal for the Billings Community Adult education program, you’ll likely find classes offered in the catalog that bolster professional and technical skills related to business. Today’s economic climate is unstable, but there is one thing every business needs to succeed in it: web presence.

Yes, word of mouth is very important, and to have a strong connection to loyal customer base is one of the basic tenants of business. But to reach more clients, to alert potential clients old and new to promotions or to changes in service or policy requires an immediacy that word of mouth cannot achieve. Most people use the internet to find business; they use social media and online tools to locate potential services. So, if you think that you could use a course designed to bolster online skills, it’s likely that the Billings Adult Community Education program can help.

These classes are not merely an overview of how to use the internet; the courses are designed to show students to use the internet as a tool. Internet skills are important. Do you know how to purchase website domains? How to use software to build a website? Build a website that you are proud to be a representative of your business?

Thankfully, websites and domains are not as challenging to use and to build as you may think, but there are nuances, and an experienced instructor can help you succeed. And if you already have a website, then remember that the internet is a place that thrives on trends. With advancements in technology and speed, websites change in appearance constantly, and knowing how to align your business with those trends is vital to long-term success.

Most of the classes include skills tune-ups such as computer fundamentals and typing. Others teach the Microsoft Office Suite and even adobe’s Photoshop.

If you have any questions about technology courses offered through the Billings Community Adult Education Program, check the course catalog, and keep up to date on the Facebook page.

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