Billings Community Education Online Medical Classes | The Arts: Pottery and Stained Glass
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The Arts: Pottery and Stained Glass


06 Nov The Arts: Pottery and Stained Glass

Billings Adult Community Education has several courses focusing on the arts. These are hands-on type courses taught by experienced instructors from our community, and that travel well-beyond the confines of online learning; the tangible aspects of learning hands-on absolutely trump the at-home, and ever-more-popular, online classroom. Here’s a few of the most recent additions to the Billings Community Education classroom lineup…


In the description of the pottery course offered through Billings Community Education is the phrase, thrown clay”, and that term “thrown” may sound a bit too-involved for some (conjures images of thrown pizza dough). But rest at ease, because the term “thrown”, at least when referenced to pottery, only means to turn pottery on a wheel. The word thrown, which does mean to “propel” also means, in origin, to twist or to turn. The potter’s wheel is the tool used for shaping the clay. And students of the course learn to use the tools of making, and also to create and then finish their own pottery. And students get to use the tools needed to make pottery before they have to go out and purchase all their own equipment; the only tool a student need bring with him or her is an apron.

Stained Glass

Working with glass can seem daunting; beautiful stained glass, especially arranged in mosaic, seems especially ornate and difficult to create. And for the most part that’s true. But through the course offered through the Billings Adult Community Education, students will learn how to cut, break, grind, solder, and frame glass; student’s will select a pattern on the first night of class and then pursue the project through to completion.

Billings Adult Community Education has a number of art-related classes, not to mention a number of other personal enrichment-type courses, offered each semester. The courses range from hobby-type courses to exercise and dance. If you have any questions about the course offerings for each semester, then call or come into the office at the Lincoln Center, or you can consult the online brochure.

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