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Adult Courses

08 Jun Adult Courses

It can be difficult to take up a new hobby. Oftentimes our lives seem too busy and too complicated to add in something new. But it is possible, and in many cases when a person takes up a new hobby they find something that continues to enrich their life for years. Luckily, the Billings Adult Community Education Program offers so many choices that a person should be able to find the exact type of course they’re looking for, or even a course they didn’t know could be taught or offered in a public forum.

Fly Fishing is one of those amazing hobbies. It’s a terrific sport, and anyone with a little bit of time and effort can learn to participate immediately; it’s also one of those activities that a person can continue to learn and continue to refine their skill. And the basics of fly fishing aren’t overly difficult or complicated as you may have heard, but, like anything, there is nuance to the movement required to both cast the line and, later, to land the fish. There is knot-tying required, and the handling of flies both big and small. And these techniques—especially the techniques required to tie certain knots—do require a person practice and practice to become proficient, but when a person takes a course in fly fishing, the instructor is going to show the techniques to tie the knot as well as explain the appropriate scenario for when each knot is required. A book on knots, or a quick-scan of internet videos, might provide a person with enough knowledge as to how a knot is built, but the hands-on time with an instructor, who can both demonstrate and critique technique is invaluable. 

There are other challenges to fly fishing, and most are addressed in the course. One of those is the knowledge of currents and how fish respond to flies. These subjects are beyond the study of one single course, but there are basic lessons that can be learned that are applicable in almost every fishing scenario. 

If you would like to learn more about the courses offered through the Billings Community Education Program, then call today.

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