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Cooking Classes Billings MT

08 Jun Adult Courses

It can be difficult to take up a new hobby. Oftentimes our lives seem too busy and too complicated to add in something new. But it is possible, and in many cases when a person takes up a new hobby they find something that continues...

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07 Mar Personal Enrichment

It can be hard to dedicate time to something new. Incredibly difficult to be able to dedicate time and energy to something that is outside of our everyday routines. Studies show that people are much happier and healthier, that people live longer lives simply because...

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08 Jul Become a CNA: Receive Your Certificate at Billings Adult Community Education

Are you interested in working in healthcare but aren’t sure where to start? Well, the Billings Adult Community Education program offers training to receive your certificate to work as a CNA. CNA’s, or Certified Nurse Assistant, are an important component to today’s modern healthcare system....

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07 Jun Keep the Mind Young: Take Up a Hobby to Help Prevent Memory Loss

For years, people have long considered brain games as a way to keep the brain sharp. Brain games have become big business, and the popularity of games like Sudoku and Crossword has exploded. Years and years people have touted the notion that these games help...

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