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The Arts:

14 Aug The Arts:

We often talk about the terrific career advancement and certificate programs offered through the Billings Community Adult Education Program and for good reason. But what you may not yet know is that the catalogue is also chock-full of courses on art and personal enrichment. If you are someone would like to do something unique, and work with your hands, experience creativity in a physical classroom with an actual teacher (too often, and misleadingly, online courses are touted as the optimal learning centers of the future), then there are numerous options available. 

Pottery is a common offering through the Billings Community Adult Education Program. And there are so many benefits to learning to do pottery that extend well beyond the physical act of working with the clay and building something (Although the physical act of pottery—the making—is a special reward in itself, and the feel of working with pottery and the appreciation for that feeling is something that should be experienced). But it’s also a terrific activity to lessen the anxieties and stresses of the every day. And those benefits extend to all areas of art and craft/making. It’s also an everyday mood enhancer. And when it comes to the physical act of making something, there is a great feeling of accomplishment when you have a final product, something you created, by hand. 

Of course, many of these benefits extend to all areas of art and craft/making. And if you are interested in the personal enrichment courses to be offered through the Billings Community Adult Education Program, then either call the office or check the catalogue/brochure for the list of upcoming courses.

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